Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Field station blues

Some people become part of our life in a very short period. Within very short time period they become so important that their absence deeply influences our day 2 day routine. When they are around, life seems to be very smooth selling. Usually we come to know their importance when they are not around.

Here, I am talking about our life @ field station. Everybody would agree with me if I say there is a person @ our field station who is the perfect fit for the situation described above. Yes, your guess is absolutely correct!! I am talking about Maara.

When Maara is there, we always demand for tea so many times a day. And he, without complaining, makes it for us. Its hard to forget the special taste of his special dishes like Chitranna, Pudicolamb( I hope I could spell it correctly!), sambar, delicious idalies, dosas, chatany… oh… this list is so long that I cannot put it here completely.( as I am a vegetarian, I have listed just veg dishes only, non-veggies can add their spl. dishes too…)

But as soon as we come to know that he is taking leave or he will not be there for these many days, then suddenly we start feeling very tense.
Today I am writing all these things because Maara is on leave and we are spending our days here struggling in the kitchen to survive till he comes back! You will understand my pains iff you have spent some days here when he is not there.

Today only I came to know why everybody packs their bags and runs back to Bangalore when Maara is not here. And truly, I also wish to do the same right now.

Without Maara, ‘Happening Mudumalai’ does not seem happening at all!!!!
What do you say??


Geetha Ramaswami said...

hey...maybe we should start a 'Maara fan club' on facebook or orkut or something...

Vivek said...

Absolutely agree. I'd join that fan club. Go ahead.

hasiru prakash said...

hai I am hasiruprakash exmember of fieldstation.. I also do feel that without maars..( as i used to call him) field station i can say incomplete ..i remember my days there..he used to always offer me a fine blended coffee ! for me only as he was knowing that I dont like tea..and ofcourse ..his delicious preparations ..even now I feel like ..I would have been there especially the garlick pickle...wah..it was awsome and and ..no words..hats up to maara who alwyas remain cool and makes otehrs stomach coooooooooooooool...