Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tigers and leopards

Man! Tiger and leopard sightings galore! It's amazing. Four tiger sightings in five days by different sets of people: me on Saturday (hehe..that's the photo I got); Halan Sir on Monday (he saw 4 tigers in one go!); St. Olaf students Ann and John, Geetha Nayak and 3 volunteers from ANCF on the forest department safari ride today; and the last set by Ashok and Chetan yesterday) and three leopard sightings again by different sets of people: Ann and John at Leighwood (yes, Leighwood!); Vivek; and Bala and tracker Alan on the transect (this one was running towards them on the transect line and they freaked! obviously...) . Mudumalai is living up to its reputation. Wonder if it could be called a leopard reserve too....


mythili said... I envy you...super sighting.:)

altered egos said...

Look what i found! aha! will come back again :) keep the stories coming


Parul said...

thanx meghna..thanx a lot :)