Thursday, August 6, 2009

already fida on life as it is, and future will surely be rocking

Today on the way back from Benne, me-krishna-dumba-chinbomma-mani visited the ACCORD people today, and you know, Stan, The founder of Accord already knew Krishna and Dumba. He warmly welcomed us all. He was telling that Dumba's mother has been a star leader of their health intiative, and is still is :) (You know, curiously, I wasn't surprised , instead I was only expecting some such thing, for just yesterday, dumba was telling, she stays alone in the forest, and she does the white washing of houses in Masinigudi! And I was like ,"Wow, she must be YO,and even wanted to ask Dumba if I could stay at her Bhospura house on a weekend:)"

Anyway, Rama-Ramdas were very keen about the tribal kids of their school getting involved in this project, knowing the forests- which , I am told, they know less of , than their parent generation, and learning science through small activities. Now at present, I don't know how to teach the scientific methodology, but as the ACCORD's slogan is : Paths are made by walking. And so they are.

When rama-ramdas came to know that our trackers even know the scientific names of trees, they actually invited them to teach the tribal kids. Now Dumba is keen. If trackers are involved, this is very likely to take shape organically. It leaves me keen on this.

I am sure there will be a day when tribal kids become researchers themselves, and not just field assistants.


rutuja said...

here is the link to ACCORD

Soumya said...

Hi ppl,
It would be great if you could take kids out birding / tree-watching. If you are going to do that - list me as a volunteer. I prefer nature-teaching to classrooms...most of my life has been spent escaping the latter to get more of the former.

Nandita Mondal said...

Me too, me too!

rutuja said...

obviously, YESS!