Monday, August 10, 2009

Marvankandy Dam

Thanks Meghana for getting us started on Marvankandy. Its also one of my fav spots around Masinagudi. An evening stroll with friends to the dam is always rewarding..the view of the mountains at sunset, a leapord coming to drink water, playful otters, wild dogs on the prowl, elephants coming in for their evening drink, several water birds...we have even once seen over 10 blue bearded bee-eaters feasting on bees from a hive on the power station (which acc to locals provides just enough power to make a batch of idlis). Though photography is 'strictly' prohibited - these were obtained from outside the dam ;)


Ratna said...

Hey this reminds me of an incident. Actually once in 2005, myself and Ari made modaks (major contribution by Ari) at field station and then went to the Ganesha temple, the one which is situated in the premises of Marvakandy Dam. It was also Ganesh Chaturthi on that day. So there was this huge crowd at the temple and also suddenly ppl started yelling that there is a elephant on the other side of the dam. We also rushed towards the dam and saw a beautiful middle aged tusker near the water, on the other side of the dam. Local ppl were very excited after sighting the elephant....what more u expect on a Ganesh chaturthi:)

Mythili said...

Lovely pictures. And thanks for introducing me to this lovely place. First visit was all the more memorable because we also saw otters and a leopard remember?

Meghana Kulkarni said...

Hii Soumya..
Thanks for these lovely photos.
Do you have more photos?
I would like to have them..
Can you send them to me?

Soumya said...

Yes, your first visit to the dam with Anand is also among my most memorable visits to Maravakandy. It was a lovely evening...and there was so much happening out there that day..

Soumya said...

Meghana: Hope you can download this and other picture I uploaded recently...I have some more photos...maybe its better to copy them when you are in Blore..Soumya