Monday, August 10, 2009


what a fun I had today...we were sitting in the Dewala coffee estate today, making bands for trees. almost getting there. it was afternoon. overcasted as usual and then, one cricket just started screaching, sitting on a tree just in front of us....few moments passed and I saw Dumba sending a pebble the tree, then the next , and then another...but hardly anything could reach the tree, and which was just 10 ft away. (no, this month's salaries were not yet done ;), but still...) ...then another cricket joined in, and dumba had to continue. ..and i was getting amused, how can he get just irritated by that cricket. i was giggling and then even chinbomma joined, and it was hilarious........first he tried pebbles, one or two even reached, without use. and finally he just picked up a fallen branch and hirled..... it went down straight into the valley ....hahahah

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